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So it has been more quite some time ago I put a journal up here.

last summer I would be gone for 6 weeks to do a summer job.... So what has been happening since then?

I decited I needed some time before I would start a new study after summer, so I stayed there and have been working there the whole past year. So I've been living and working at Ameland, it's one of the small islands of the Netherlands, it's only 27 km in length and maybe 4 km wide, there are only 4 small villages and no highways or Mac Donalds :p (Lick) 

I've been working as a waitres in a Cafetaria (some kind of restraunt) also I've been getting to know myself much better again, leanred to be ok just by myself, getting to know a lot of new people, going out some more, having a good time, going to the beach, go horse riding, I've taken some surfing lessons and I've even been skydiving one time! 

So after all it's been a good choise to stay at the island for a year. 

And now I just started my new education at Illustration Design in Zwolle, a city in the middle of the Netherlands, and I've just moved to live here one week ago too, so this is a new start again and I really hope all will go well :D (Big Grin)

I will probably be uploading quite some pictures I have taken at Ameland, since it's a really nice place with beautyfull nature.
yeah.. I just don't always feel like uploading, and now I feel like it, I upload a lot of stuff in one day XD sorry for that
I woke up really early this morning at 5.60 AM, and I was thirsty.. so I went downstairs to the kitchen and drunk some juse. when I stood there drinking, I saw a car parking in front of our house. I thought "what's he doing ?" he came out of the car, and looked around, like he was thinking "I hope nobody sees me" and he walked to the direction he came from with his car. and I couldn't see him anymore cause it was to dark. afther a little wile he walked back to his car, and drive away.
I was looking trought the windiw, and asking muself why he had walked back.. he must have riding over a cat or something... but I coulnd't see anything. first I went to bed again, but afther 5 minutes I was thinking.. "what if he really hit something.. and it's still alive, I could safe it, it might die if I keep laying here"
so I got out and putted on some clothes and I went outside. I walked to the direction the man had walked just 10 minutes agoo.. and after 20 Meter I saw something laying besides the road.. it was a deer. I felt his chest and kept my hand infront of his nose to see if he was alive.. but he wasn't. so I pict him up (urg he was heavy..) and carried him home. I thought "if I let him lay here, some one will take him and hang him on they're wall or steal his antlers or something. so I carried him to our backyard and layed him down there, and checked again if he really was dead.. ofcource he was.
I woke up my dad and tol him what happened, and I said "we should call someone when it's moring to take him away" and he said "ok". and I went back to bed again, but I couldn't get to sleep anymmore, so a little later I went outside again and took a few pics of the deer... he was so beautiful.
later that morning some man came to take him away and probably destroi the body.
I think it's unfair for the deer.. I mean... he was just walking around or something and suddenly BAM !!! and he 's dead, because of some stupid car !! stupid people... they drive much too fast here always. bleh.

u know what's the weardest thing... I normaly never wake up so early. my mom said "maybe u heard the car hit the deer and woke up because of that" but I can't remember hearing anything, and my window was closed... buy I do am a very light sleeper, I wake up very quick if I hear something. but I dunno if I heard this XD

it feels like this just had to hapen or something.
Random Facts:
1. I love animals and nature
2. I'm 17 years old ^^
3. I like photographing, drawing, horseriding, swimming
4. I don't like cold XD ...only cold icecreams
5. I collect polarbears and Sleich horses
6. I mostly drink tea :)
7. I don't like to wear dresses and skirts
8. I don't smoke, and I never will. It's dirty

The rules are:

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I Tag Nobody
(I don't even know 8 people on this account)
lol I don't know so many people on this account yet, but I'm gonna feature the first 5 to comment XD

so.. comment :D

ok! here we go... :#1:

-… < spring robin
-… < frozen world
-… < Macroburr

-… < Purple Flowers, Blue Sky
-… < Enduring
-… < Frostkissed II

hehe sorry all deviations I choose are nature pic.. but I just like nature and animals the most XD
I always post this :iconcommentplz: at all my deviations...

I will always try to reply on every comment, but I'm not going to thank for just a fave
let me explaine why

:iconcommentplz: < I post this at all my deviations, because I don't like it if people only fav, but never give any comment. yeah ofcource you dont aaalways have to give a comment, but some people simply dont comment at all on anything, while they DO fave a lot of stuff.
See if some one want's to fav because he likes it, I would really like te know WHY, couse I can lurn from it. I also preciate critic comment, so I know what u don't like about it, or what I could do better. That really can help me XD
I preciate a comment better that a fav, together its fine ofcourse

thanks fot understanding :) (if u do)


hey people,

this is my new account, my photo account :)
uhm, this is my "drawing" account:

xx Lott

oh yes.. All photo's are taken in Holland, the Netherlands, I'm Dutch ^^

I make most photo's of:
Animals > my pets, birds, sheep, horses etc
Nature > tree's, flowers, sunsets and sunrises etc

I think
background, perspective, incidence < are important to make a good photo.

Oh and sorry for uploading so many pics at the same time but I have photo's from like... 3 or 4 years so that's a lot of stuff XD